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Redtag Pro Overview

Redtag pro can help you and your company easily comply with OSHA Lockout/Tagout rules and administer fast, more organized and safer procedures. Redtag pro is designed to aid you in the administration of your existing LOTO policies or it can assist you in designing and implementing a new policy.

Features of Redtag Pro include:

  • Redtag pro can help you to create and manage all of your LOTO PROCEDURES and PERMITS, such as Safety Analysis forms, confined space, hot work, etc. Create the actual form using the fully integrated forms designer and then define questions that can be answered at the time of issue. Associate your permits with a LOTO procedure, or issue it alone.
  • Redtag pro maintains LOTO standard procedures that can be reviewed and certified, and then used when issuing a Lockout/Tagout procedure. This helps to assure that the device that is being isolated is isolated properly and consistent with accepted company policy.
  • Redtag pro has a built-in forms designer which you use to create your own Lockout/Tagout forms. This assures that your forms are functional and relevant to your facility. All forms, including permits, checklists, walk-down lists, identification, warning, or information tags, etc. can be created and used in your LOTO procedures.
  • Redtag pro can maintain an unlimited number of different types of LOTO procedures, each with it's own distinct forms. This means that you can use Redtag pro to administer any type of tagging procedure, such as 'danger' tags, 'moth balled equipment' tags, 'maintenance required' tags, etc. Each tag out type can have its own unique tag form.
  • Redtag pro can handle any number of distinct attachment tag form types, each with it's own unique design elements. It will even manage non-printable attachment devices such as locking devices, personal padlocks, manually created tags, etc. You can print to any Windows compliant printer and to 'any' form that the printer can print.
  • Redtag pro maintains security profiles which allows the Redtag administrator to authorize Redtag users with only the access that they need, effectively restricting "off limits" areas of the program, such as standard procedures and configuration data.

The main window of Redtag pro, showing issued LOTO procedures and permits.

A lockout/tagout procedure that has been reviewed and accepted as the approved method of isolating a device is referred to as a STANDARD LOCKOUT/TAGOUT procedure. At a minimum, a standard procedure will consist of a simple list of isolation devices such as valves or switches in a particular order. Redtag does this of course, but also maintains lists of required safety equipment, written job scopes and equipment descriptions, required permits and even documents that have been created in Microsoft Word. All of these items collectively are referred to as a standard procedure in Redtag pro.

Look at the following screen shot that shows how standard procedures are created in Redtag pro:

Redtag pro can be configured to only allow Lockout/Tagout procedures to be issued from a standard procedure, or it can be configured to allow the creation of LOTO procedures manually, depending upon how your company administers your policies. If you allow LOTO procedures to be created manually they can later be used to create standard LOTO procedures automatically.