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General Support

Instamation Systems is known for it's industry standard-setting support. We try to ensure every customer is as happy as they can be with their purchase. To receive support for a product you have already purchased, please create a new registered user account or sign into your existing account.

Click Here for Remote Support

With computer to computer support you can allow us to connect to your pc so that troubleshooting problems can be corrected quicker than they could otherwise.

If you have been requested to do so by a support person, click on the link to the left. You will then be asked to either SAVE or RUN (OPEN) the program. Choose to OPEN or RUN it. It is not necessary to save it to your pc. Then, you will be asked to confirm that it is OK for us to connect to your pc remotely. If you agree, you will then be asked to select the address of the support pc from a list. After you have selected it, (there is usually only a single address) click OK to continue. If everything is successful, we will then be connected to your pc where we can better determine what the problem is.

After you have done these things, we should be connected to your pc.