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Redtag Overview

Redtag is a comprehensive Lockout/Tagout Software package that can help you and your company easily comply with OSHA rules and administer fast, more organized, and safer procedures. The software is fully configurable and easy to use, and can aid you in the administration of your existing LOTO policies or brand new policies.


Redtag includes the following features:

  • OSHA Compliant Solution
  • Configurable Permissions
  • Complete Audit Trail
  • Reporting
  • Built-in Forms Designer
  • Windows Authentication
  • Permitting
  • Standard Permit Templates
  • Fillable Permits
  • Multiple LOTO Types
  • Configured for Simple LOTO
  • URL Document Look-up
  • Utilizes Windows Notifications
  • SQL Server Database
  • Microsoft Azure Compatible